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Keynesian economics, they basis of Democrat economics (and from the 1950s until Reagan, unfortunately the GOP too) is fatally flawed and here’s why.


Prof. Don Boudreaux of George Mason University, does a great job explaining why the progressive/centralist impulse in economics is wrong.



My alma mater does a study which points of another reason for the high divorce rate and marital disintegration that does not support the Liberal narrative.


So how do you get rid of an ineffective, unscrupulous or incompetent Federal Government worker?


Absolutely, the last thing we need is another quasi-governmental giant to fall.


Here’s a very good editorial from a Canadian paper on government debt.


Under every government run healthcare plan in the world there is rationing. And when push-comes-to-shove they need to restrict the non-life threatening, but more common surgeries, in the interest of cost just like is happening in the UK now.


Interesting; polar bear scientist put on leave from his government job for “integrity issues.”


A new peer reviewed study of NASA climate data, published in the journal “Remote Sensing,” says far less warming is occurring than current climate models predict.


A good article Caroline Baum in Bloomberg.



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