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2014 Precinct Caucuses – Proposing Changes to our Platform

It is important to know and define the principles and values you use to make decisions. This is especially true in politics. Our platform consists of principles and goals designed to address political issues our candidates face. Maintaining the platform starts within your individual precinct on caucus night.  We hope you can take time from…

Rice County Republican Buttons

Speaking the Precinct Caucus Language

Most people involved in our local party remember the their first meeting and how new everything was.  We want you to feel comfortable joining fellow Republicans in your local communities on caucus night Tuesday.  Building our ranks at the local level is the path to success this November.  Here are some terms that will help…

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. President

2014 Precinct Caucuses – U.S. Senate Preference Poll

When you meet with fellow republicans from your neighborhoods next Tuesday for precinct caucuses you will be participating in the a preference poll for US Senate. While this poll does not actually select candidates for office, it is your chance to show early support.  It also assists the delegates elected from your precinct to represent…

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